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Spring- and Motordriven Hose Recoiler.

If you want to exhaust just one or two workshop places, our hose recoilers are the right solution. They can be easily installed under the ceiling, at the wall or at a support.
With the quick coupling system the exhaust fans VB 100 or VB 150 can be connected directly with the recoiler.
Ecovent-hose recoilers are made of high quality components like powderized and galvanized steel parts.
The production and assembly take place in our plant in Luebbecke, whereby our high quality standard can be guaranteed.

The Hose Recoilers

roller1.jpg (34207 Byte)Spring Driven Recoiler Type FS 680 and 880
A high-power spring package moves the drive. It is made out of special steel. So you can exhaust one or two workshop place with simple methods. The hose does not reach the end position through a hose loading stopper, but through an integrated, free adjustable brake. The hose recoiler is suitable for hoses from diameter 100 to 150 mm (4'' to 6''). For example you can use the recoiler FS 680 for hoses from 12,50m (Ø 100) up to 7,50m (Ø 150).

roller2.jpg (31369 Byte)Motor Driven Recoiler Type MS 680 and MS 880
Powerful drive through an alternating current motor with 0,23 kW. Its high torque and the overheat control ensures a long durability of the motor. All parts are powderized and galvanized. Both end switches of the drive motor are freely adjustable, an additional switch for example can control an exhaust fan. Our motor driven recoiler preserves the hose through little mechanical load. The exhaust hose can be completely removed from the workplace. To avoid damages at vehicles or crane rails this is the right choice. The recoiler MS is suitable for hoses up to Ø 200mm (8''). Talk with us.


We offer you special solutions like spring- or motor driven recoilers in slut channels or in combination with an arm.


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